ACT & SAT Prep: 5 Ways to Help Your Teen Succeed
Published: November 30, 2016


If you have a child immersed in ACT or SAT prep, you’re likely dealing with an edgy bundle of nerves at home. Parents might feel like they can’t do much to help—but there are some simple supportive steps you can take. Here, the test prep experts at Leading Edge Learning Centerlocated in Riverside and surrounding areas, explain how you can assist your teen during this tough time.

5 Tips For Helping Teens With ACT Or SAT Prep

1. Familiarize Yourself

It’s probably been a long time since you took either the ACT or the SAT (if you even did at all!). It’s good to give yourself a refresher course on the exam structure and get an idea of what is expected of your child.

2. Don’t Compare

If you have older children who already took the ACT or SAT, it may be tempting to draw comparisons. Even casual statements that seem helpful (“When your brother was studying for the SAT…”) can be difficult for kids to hear. Focus on the teen at hand.

3. Stay Informed

sat prepWhether your child is studying solo or enrolled in a study course, stay on top of what’s going on regarding SAT and ACT prep. Know when your teen has practice tests and find out how they go.

4. Get External Help

If your teen is struggling with ACT or SAT prep, classes can help. Learning centers will have qualified staff who are up-to-date on all the latest testing trends—enlisting external aid sets your child up to do their very best. Many top students turn to test prep courses to make sure they will excel in these important exams.

5. Cover The Basics

Whether your youngster has a practice test ahead or is facing the real deal, you can support them with small acts. Ensure they are getting enough sleep, make them breakfast on the big day, and give them a ride if needed. Above all, stay positive and don’t add pressure to an already tense situation.

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