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Leading Edge Learning Center is a certified supplemental Education Service Provider that was established in June 2004, with opening of the flagship center in Moreno Valley. Leading Edge Learning Center was established to provide a chance for achievement to children who are struggling academically and tools for success for children looking to gain an academic advantage.


Services provided by Leading Edge Learning Center include tutoring, student assistance, Saturday homework help, and a variety of enrichment programs. These services are available for all children from grades K-12 and are taught in small groups of three. Students are pre-tested using the STAR reading and math programs, which are also used by the State of California. They are then re-tested after every 12 hours of instruction to track improvement.


Leading Edge Learning Center has four locations in Moreno Valley, Riverside, Fontana and Beaumont. Moreno Valley students can receive services on site or at the Moreno Valley Center. Leading Edge Learning Center has contracts with San Bernardino Unified School District, Fontana School District, Perris Unified School District and Perris High School District as well. In 2009 LELC has expanded to provide services in several new districts. The new locations where LELC will provide services include Hesperia, Victorville, San Bernardino, Rialto, Colton and the Alvord district in Riverside. LELC has also gained new contracts for supplemental educational services in Beaumont, Banning and the Chaffee High School District.


The success of Leading Edge Learning Centers, along with the ever growing demand for education, has given Leading Edge Learning Center the opportunity to provide help for students in Riverside and San Bernardino Valley. Leading Edge Learning Center is looking forward to helping children grow and get the most of their academic abilities.


Our Mission


Leading Edge Learning Center mission is to provide the best community-based academic learning environment in Moreno Valley, Riverside, Fontana and Beaumont communities. We intend to provide a high quality educational experience that delivers academic remedies for families that have a need.


Our Purpose


With community growth in the past year, many of our classrooms are full with a ratio of 30 or more students to one teacher. With this rapid growth, often many students are left behind and struggling to keep up with their fast pace courses. With our organization, we intend to make quick-work of putting several students on the path to success. We believe that education is the cornerstone of professional development.

LELC Has Expanded And Offer Services In Serveral New Districts


LELC has expanded to provide services in several new districts. No longer limited to Riverside County, LELC is now providing services throughout San Bernardino County as well. The communities that are underserved will now have affortable services to support the children of the area.

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