What is Accelerated Learning? Accelerated Learning is an educational philosophy that we’ve developed and are now implementing companywide at Leading Edge Learning Center. 

Tutoring can sometimes carry a negative connotation, and is often associated with a deficit model with the student needing to recover lost ground. LELC has always advocated for advancing all levels of students, with the belief that all learners can benefit from progressing their strengths and weaknesses.    

The Accelerated Learning Model is centered around the student as an individual with specific abilities, strengths, weaknesses, and needs. The student is assessed across foundational skills, standardized achievement, domain patterns, and learning style.  The results are the starting point; their learning is literally “accelerated” from that point. Our model is success oriented and is effective for all ages and levels!

  • Pre-Kinder to College

  • Below-Grade Level to Gifted Levels

  • Special Needs Instruction

  • Year-Round, Weekdays and Weekends

 Below are some program program highlights.  For full listing of courses and programs please contact us at 951.378.8017 or 888.517.3522

Accelerated Learning

Individualized Tutoring
(Available for Kinder, Elementary School, Middle School, High School & College Levels, including Adult Students)

Programs for remediation, on-grade level students, or for challenging advanced students.  Includes individualized learning plans and instruction, within either one-to-one, partnered, or three-student small group.  Pretest and post test evaluations provided, along with daily session reviews, and written progress reports.

College Accelerated
Geared toward the unique needs of youth college students and adults returning to school. Tutoring available for all subjects. Available support includes organization skills, time management, goal setting, note taking, studying, research techniques, test-taking strategies and anxiety management. 

Math Geeks 
For students who have an aptitude for math and like the challenges of solving equations and calculations. Encourages students to work with fellow math geeks in pursuit of higher-level skills.

STEM Program
Available in camps and full program, this course explores the math and sciences through cross-subject integrated instruction and projects.  Excellent for challenging skills and building critical thinking and application of principles.

Leading Edge Academy Program
Our accelerated academy is a 12-week program focusing students on project-based problem solving, research and team competition.  Reinforces leadership, critical thinking, and goal setting.  Open to advanced 8th graders and high school students.  Requires testing for admission.

Advanced Writing Program 
Develop writing across all essay and research arenas.  Includes instruction and guidance to challenge writers with a strong foundation in classical, creative and formal writing.  Requires approval for enrollment.

Group Programs

Preparing for School
(Kinder, Elementary School, Middle School, High School & College Levels)

Make the transition to school, or from one level to the next, by preparing ahead.  Ensure that your child has the basic skills that support success in the classroom before they get there. 

Reading Rascals 
Make reading fun and easy by developing your child’s comprehension and phonics skills. Available in three levels designed for teaching first-time readers, as well as accelerating beginner readers to an intermediate level.  Ages 4–8

Homework Help
Homework-related skills and concepts are reinforced as homework is completed and reviewed.  Ages K-12

Spanish For Young Minds
(Available in Kinder & Early Elementary Levels)
Introduces your child to basic words, common phrases and beginner conversation with the use of creative instruction and activities. Ages 4-8, or Elementary 

Spanish for Beginners 
Everyone is required to have a foreign language for High School and College, and this class provides an early start for Middle School and practice for beginner-level High School students.

Math Made Easy 
This class strengthens math comprehension and prepares students for higher level learning as they build their confidence and ability to see math concepts used in the world around them. 

Writing Lab 
Provides guided writing development for all levels through individually paced activities and instruction.

Leadership Academy 
Give young minds the opportunity to explore problem solving strategies, take part in communication exercises, team work and public speaking.   Reinforce leadership and build your child’s motivation for pursuing positive goals.  Ages 12-17

Exam Prep & Proctoring

SAT Prep
(Available in Single-Day Bootcamp or Full Program)

ACT Prep
(Available in Single-Day Bootcamp or Full Program)

Our ACT Prep includes a diagnostic exam, practice tests, strategies for test taking, test question review, and review of all content areas.  Instruction covers Language Arts, Math, Physics and Writing.


Passing the California High School Exit Examination is mandatory for all students in California to graduate.  This course provides instruction in all content areas of the exam, including reading, writing, and math.  Includes assessment and practice exams.


College Course Exams
We partner with more than 50 universities and colleges to support the success of their students in the classroom.

We also proctor for:
Hiring & Promotion Exams
Certification & Licensing Exams